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Hearing aids and me

Ian Croft's Hearing aid plugs from Easi Ear

Today there are increasing numbers of hearing aid websites around the world with varying messages and design styles. That you are actively considering doing something about your hearing problems is great news when you consider just how many people with hearing loss remain unhelped – in the UK alone it is approximately 5 million!

We really hope that you decide to choose us to look after your hearing needs as we believe we have a passion for helping people no matter what their individual needs might be; we are not here just to sell you a hearing aid.

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Ian Croft, Hearing Aid Audiologist

This passion drives our main practitioner, Ian Croft, to submit articles on hearing aids& loss; to give talks on the same sub

ject; to constantly attend more professional development sessions; to give advice freely to any who enquire whether they are NHS or Private users; to represent the profession at the Deaf Awareness Weekreception and also at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness meetings; to edit the professional body’s national magazine; give time voluntarily to promote & guide the profession by serving on the Council of BSHAA.

We can provide any make, style and type of modern hearing aid available in the UK at extremely competitive prices and encourage you to build your own aftercare package with us – we recognise that different people have different needs, so we listen to you.

If you want to hear better, be treated with old fashioned courtesy by a practitioner with many years’ successful dispensing and get the latest technology at superb value … make your hearing easier at Easi-Ear.

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About Hearing Aids

Hearing aids that you can’t get from the NHS at prices you can’t get from the private sector.


Should you and we discover that, despite your efforts to attend rehabilitation classes and our efforts to get the best individual setting for you, the chosen system just doesn’t work for you – we will replace them with a different model and/or manufacturer. And then we’d even do it again if necessary!

If we still can’t make it work for you after another agreed period of time we’ll refund the cost of the aids to you.

As part of our Code of Practice we have to thoroughly investigate your hearing condition, not just as it presents itself now but also recent history. For example:

  • If you had sudden hearing loss, we are obliged to refer you.
  • If you had impacted wax in the canal, we are obliged to refer you.
  • If you had tinnitus in just one ear, we are obliged to refer you.


These are just a few of the many referable conditions we are trained to observe and act upon.

We are obliged also to undertake regular updates in our training and knowledge base under our Continuing Professional Development programme and thus offer you a variety of options as a solution to your problems – real patient choice, unlike the usual one option situation in the NHS.

Most of us belong to our professional body: BSHAA – British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists [which nurtures its own Customer Care Scheme that some members adopt & some are even awarded Fellowship of the Society.

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