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Ian Croft is passionate about hearing

Modern Hearing aids plugs from Easi Ear

Easi Ear is the modern hearing aid business founded by hearing aid audiologist Ian Croft to bring affordable, personalised care to people with hearing difficulties.

Ian Croft is a fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

Easi Ear’s approach to hearing aids

At Easi Ear we believe that every client deserves to find a hearing aid that improves their quality of life. So our service focuses on your needs and what you want from a hearing aid.

Easi Ear are an alternative to NHS hearing aids – we can choose from every available make and model of hearing aid, and we can spend time with you helping you understand the functions and features of your modern hearing aid.

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What do clients say about Ian Croft?

“My wife Joyce and myself are very grateful to you for the patient, thorough, skillful and, indeed, interesting way in which you assessed the means to correct it.

Your successful efforts on my behalf produced life enhancing results.”

William Heap, Chorleywood

“An efficient and pleasant service.”

Miss J Redgard, Northwood

“Mr. Croft gives a very friendly and personal service without pressure, which I am confident, is superior to what might be expected from responding to newspaper advertisements or mail shots and, I would surmise, at less cost. He has the advantage of being local and there is never a problem if further advice or adjustment to the aids is needed.”

Noel Beadle

“Professional but friendly environment, making customers feel at ease.”

Mr K MacNaughton, Harrow

“I find the hearing aids very helpful in noisy surroundings, and I am very pleased with the help I received, courteous and kind.”

Mrs A Hamments, Harrow Weald

“Six days after receiving my two new hearing aids, apart from coming to terms with the noisy world in which we live, I experienced two wonderful moments.

Although I have always worn an aid in my right ear, having not been able to hear in my left ear for some twenty years or more, both occasions were very emotional for me…”

Mrs A Hamments, Harrow Weald

“Provides a good service, I feel if I had a problem Ian Croft would give instructive and constructive advice to sort it out.”

Mrs F Whitehead, Wembley Park

“Very helpful and obliging.”

Mr D Steane, Ruislip

“I felt I had to drop you a line letting you know how wonderful I find this hearing aid you fitted a few months ago. This have made such a difference to my life. It is only now that I realise how much my hearing had worsened and although you told me that it could take a few months to adjust to the new aids I found that within three to four weeks I was completely at home with them. In fact I really do not know that I am wearing them. Thank you once again.”

Mr P Vernon, Pinner

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How do you find the right modern hearing aid for me?

When you contact Easi Ear, we’ll book your hearing appointment. This test is a comprehensive array of examinations that give us a complete picture of your


We’ll ask you lots of questions about your hearing and what kinds of situations you need your hearing aid for (e.g. sports events, social occasions, watching television, listening to music).

Based on our knowledge of your hearing and your responses to our questions, we’ll recommend a hearing aid. If you’re happy with the cost and our recommendation, we’ll order your hearing aid.

When your hearing aid arrives, we’ll ask you to come in for a fitting and for an initial set-up. By getting your hearing aid correctly set up, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that your modern hearing aid offers.

Because hearing aids need to change with you, we’ll always be available to help you if your needs change, or if you need help changing the settings.

So get started on the road to better hearing…

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