Hello! I am Ian Croft, the owner & senior audiologist of Easi-Ear Hearing Care. I was awarded Fellowship of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) in 2002 and was upgraded to Honorary status in 2020.

I have been working as an Audiologist since the early 90’s. With my 30+ years of experience, I have always been passionate about hearing and hearing problems and will give advice freely to anyone who enquires. I regularly attend training and seminars to understand the latest technologies and improvements and ensure I can provide the best service.

I believe in old-fashioned courtesy, and I am dedicated to making your experience with Easi-Ear pleasant and comfortable. There are many urban myths about the hearing process, and I enjoy helping people discover the truth about their ears.

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Independent Audiologist

Being completely independent of any tie-up or ownership by manufacturers or investors, Easi-Ear can offer a unique service by being available quickly – sometimes on the same day as your enquiry.

Understanding and patience are key operating features in my business, as is a fair-value pricing structure, which is evident from the many positive reviews received over the years, both written and video-recorded.

I help people like you seven days a week and see many satisfied and happy clients returning frequently. I provide a more satisfying process for helping your hearing needs, which differs from national chains without sales targets to meet. I don’t sell hearing aids but provide hearing solutions, and I hope my unique approach encourages you to live your life to the fullest using my support.

Ian Croft discusses micro suction compared to syringing 

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Finding an audiologist

Hearing tests are simple and painless. If you would like your hearing assessed and options discussed why not call us now.

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