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Trust your hearing care to Ian Croft, an experienced Audiologist with 30+ years of expertise and a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. Easi-Ear Hearing Care offers independent, personalised solutions for safe and efficient ear wax removal using advanced microsuction techniques. Experience painless and precise ear wax microsuction for optimal ear health.
Why do I have a build up of ear wax?

You can’t prevent ear wax. It’s there to protect your ears from dirt and germs. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why you might get a build-up of earwax:

  • you just have more wax in your ears (some people naturally do).

  • you have hairy or narrow canals (the tubes that link the eardrum and outer ear).

  • your age – wax gets harder and more difficult to fall out.

  • hearing aids, earplugs, and other things you place within your ear might be pushing the wax further in


  • earache difficulty hearing
  • itchiness
  • dizziness
  • an ear infection
  • sounds such as high-pitched tones coming from inside the ear (tinnitus)

Ear wax may fall out of your ear over time, just through natural process, but you should
never attempt to remove it by inserting anything into your ear – including and especially
cotton buds. Ear wax may be induced to come out by regular use of ear wax softening
products but his can take some time and if it is irritating and
you would like immediate relief you can call us.
We remove ear wax by microsuction. Microsuction is the safest and best technique to treat
impacted ear wax. It can be used on sensitive ears and is also a great treatment for existing
hearing aid users.
It is an innovative wax-removal technique using a state-of-the-art binocular operating microscope (which allows depth-perception and magnification) to look straight into the ear canal and employs a very fine sterile suction device at safe low pressure to remove the wax build-up.

Thus, the microsuction technique for ear wax removal means that we can always see precisely what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin of the sides of the ear canal which makes the process a lot more comfortable, even if we occasionally need to use other instruments or techniques to remove hard wax.

Compared to traditional forms of wax removal such as ear drops and irrigation or syringing, microsuction is safer, quicker, generally better tolerated and more effective and can usually be done immediately, without having to wait weeks for drops to soften the ear wax.

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Ensuring Safe and Effective Earwax Removal Services in Audiology

As a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) and the owner of Easi-Ear Hearing Care, Ian Croft has had career spanning since the early 90s, this statement issued by the British Society of Audiology (BSA) and British Academy of Audiology (BAA) highlights the significance of safe and effective earwax removal services and the imperative need for training, regulation, and collaboration within the audiology profession. Trust a professional like Ian for your ear care.