Hearing Aids

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Does your modern hearing aid work perfectly? Can you hear everything you need to hear in various situations?


Unlike the NHS, Easi-Ear can easily has every UK hearing aid model by every manufacturer so that we will provide you with the latest modern hearing aid.

We can spend time understanding how you will use your hearing aid, and then we choose the right model for you and then spend more time ensuring you know exactly how to use it/them to get the best performance comfortably.

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Hearing aids are as varied and diverse as cars, ranging from basic models that suit many people to highly complex devices for specialist applications. Your perfect modern hearing aid is out there – we will help you find it among the thousands of models available.

At Easi-Ear it is our mission to provide hearing aids that improve lives. So, we will carefully test your hearing aid, and use our understanding of your hearing problems to guide our selection. We always provide modern hearing aids that have the appropriate level of complexity and sophistication, so you won’t pay for features that you don’t need.

Hearing loss sometimes gets better on its own or may be treated with medicine or a simple procedure. For example, earwax can be sucked out, or softened with eardrops.

Ian Croft showing a paitent how the new hearing aids work.

Permanent hearing loss

Other types, such as gradual hearing loss, may be permanent. In these cases, treatment can help make the most of the remaining hearing, but the most straightforward to explore is hearing aids.

Finding the right treatment will be a joint venture between you and us and will take into consideration the following factors:


  • Type of hearing loss
  • Severity of hearing loss
  • Cause, if known
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your age and your communication needs
  • Your cosmetic preferences
  • Your budget
Grandfather teaching Grandson how to play the guitar.
Hearing tests are simple and painless. If you want your hearing assessed and options discussed, why not call us now?

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