Noise protection

Hearing protection

Hearing protection is obviously a primary concern in the workplace, where health and safety rules demand stringent responsibilities from employers. However, even in home environments or places you frequent, it may be such that you feel the need for noise control because that noise is outside your control.

Hearing protectors are the obvious solution, but there are many forms available, and you may not be aware of the full range of possibilities and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

This is especially true as there may be other considerations, such as wearing other protective equipment, such as hard hats, dust masks, eye protection, or even just glasses or hearing aids.

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Lack of noise protection

Of course, one thing to remember in all this is that a lack of noise protection for yourself could lead to problems for others. For example, losing your hearing due to being subjected to excessive noise could affect others.

This incurable hearing loss may mean that your family complains about the television being too loud, you cannot keep up with conversations in a group, or you have trouble using the telephone. Eventually, everything becomes muffled, and you may find it difficult to catch sounds like ’t’, ‘d’ and ’s’ and confuse similar words. Social situations can become very difficult for all parties concerned.

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Finding an audiologist

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