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When you contact Easi-Ear, we will book your hearing appointment. This test is a comprehensive array of examinations that give us a complete picture of your hearing.
You may find that your hearing test reveals you just have ear wax! We can help with this too so please don’t worry. Our hearing tests are comprehensive in their results but simple for you to do.
We’ll ask you questions about your hearing and what kinds of situations you might need hearing support for (e.g., sports events, social occasions, watching television,listening to music).
Based on our knowledge of your hearing and your responses to our questions, we will recommend a hearing aid. If you are happy with the cost and our recommendation, we will order your hearing aid.
When your hearing aid arrives, we will ask you to come in for a fitting and for an initial set-up. By getting your hearing aid correctly set up, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that your modern hearing aid offers.
Because hearing aids need to change with you, we’ll always be available to help you if your needs change, or if you need help changing the settings.


Let’s get you started on the road to better hearing.
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